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  Business Me is the spot where you can share your entrepreneurial ideas, build the network you and your business needs, get inspired and learn first hand from experts and professionals. At the conference you will find yourself surrounded with international speakers and like minded people. Join ‘Business Me’ to be amazed and motivated!

Business Me is an unique educational platform which encourages and teaches youth about business,economics and entrepreneurship through international conferences and seminars. 


Our mission is to inspire, educate and guide young adults into thinking as open-minded risk takers. Furthermore we are actively working towards coaching a more economic-conscious generation.

Why Participate

We create a comfortable environment for like-minded individuals to get a break from their usual daily routines. We encourage you to be unique and creative in your own way.


About the program

Our three day conference offers students the opportunity to expand their horizon with new innovative business ideas through workshops, strategic thinking business games and exercises.

Build a network with our expert speakers through roundtable discussions, one on one talks and even within your selected committee. Each committee will have a senior, who is an expert in the field and will closely follow the committee’s delegates progress. Ending with a pitching competition where the board, of investors and experts, will then decide if the business idea passes or misses the mark.

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Pelttarinkatu 2A 15

20610 Turku, Finland

Phone: (+358) 44 5118 103


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